Food & Crafts

Hartelus has a variety of stalls with a mouth watering selection of gourmet take-aways and craft stalls with items you won't find in the shops.

Gourmet Take-aways & Preserves

Freshly made gourmet take-aways for a perfect picnic and preserves made with love to last a bit longer.

Picnic Platter for 2
Perfect for a picnic by the river. A Selection of cold meats, cheese, fresh bread, pesto and balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Gourmet Take-aways perfect for a picnic
Mini Cakes, Cupcakes, Spring Rolls & Samoosas, Truffles & chocolate, Home baked Pies, Creative Pancakes, Fried Calamari, Prego Rolls, Kebabs and so much more. All ingredients are fresh, high quality and unique

Sweet treats!
Cupcakes, Baklava, Cake slices, and delicate fudge, chocolates, sweets & honey products. Old fashioned candy, candyfloss, brownies! Always a favourite!

Any preserves you can think of! Baked and bottled.
Jams, jellies, sauces, syrups, pastes! Plus cookies, rusks, biltong, dried fruit and much much more. Goats Cheese and high quality meats, olives and homebaked breads.


Creative ideas blossom at Hartelus. Here you will find unique crafts that you won't find in the shops.

Clothes & Cosmetics
Break out of your mould and wear something creative. Clothing for ladies and children in abundance. Also matching accessories. Spoil yourself with handmade herbal cosmetics & soaps with natural frangrances and essential oils.

Creative jewelry
Add a bit of glamour with unique and creative jewelry.

Decor items
Hartelus boasts a wide variety of creative decor items to make your home extra unique and pretty

Leather Products
Shoes, handbags and soft walkers for babies and toddlers

For the boys
Unique hand made knives and a collection of handmade bags on offer will keep the gentlemen at Hartelus happy.

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Get something to drink at Hartelus Market

Craft Beer from the Dog & Fig Brewery


Tea & Filter Coffee

Wine Per Glass or per Bottle

Variety of Soft Drinks & Ciders

Still & Sparkling Water

We offer a central credit card facility. Buy from any exhibitor and pay with your card at the drinks table.

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Fun for Kids

Keep the young ones happy at Hartelus!

Pick & Paint
Let the kids paint their own moulded ceramic wares and create sand art masterpieces.

Rosebud & Buttercup
Mix and fragrance your own bath salts.

The river!
Play and splash the whole day! (Adult supervision required)

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